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Our Expertise

Are your members net-savers or net-borrowers?  How you answer that will determine your cu's needs for products and programs to serve your members.  GS CU Consulting has experience with both types of organizations.  We've dealt with Loan to Share ratios from as low as 20% all the way up to 110%.  
CEO / Management"On Demand"
  Loan Participations
Lending Partners:

If you need assistance with investing excess deposits: 


Obtaining a better yield,

Compliance issues,

Managing Risk Factors,

Monitoring and Reporting,

Mark to Market adjustments,

Accounting of transactions - purchases and sales, ALM policies,

or just overall help with your Investment Strategy -- GS CU Consulting can assist you to make Investing a center for income, not just Liquidity. 


Mr. Stockdale has consistently earned yields on investments that far outpace his peers.  These are not risky investments either.  They are Bonds and CD's available to all federally insured cu's. 


The difference  earned on investments above peer performance has more than paid for his salary while employed at 1st Valley CU.  (Ask for the "proof" chart)


You need to ask yourself:  Would you rather have a happy regulator that merges you out of existence, or have some hoops to jump through and be around as long as you like?

If you have too few loans, GS CU Consulting can help you.  We work with all types of consumer loans as the trade item.


We can help you purchase loans to boost your Loan to Share Ratio.  Our costs are less than one loan loss would be under most other programs.  Autos are the preferred collateral to trade as the risk per borrower are less than a MBL, as well as the collateral is universally understood.


Purchasing credit unions will be provided with a full due-diligence package.  We will assist you in preparing a risk matrix as well as evaluation tools.  GS CU Consulting and our team will be with you through 100% of the process. 


Ask about repeat purchase discounts and referral fees. 

GS CU Consulting proudly presents these two organizations for your consideration:



TRINITY AUTO LENDER NETWORK- Designed with cu's in mind from start to finish. The recapture market is thriving and a very valuable program for credit unions.  Many times the potential member qualifies for a lower rate and has equity in their vehicle.  Trinity brings new members who are looking for the credit union difference to your organization.  Once purchased, the account is your to service, cross-sell, and nurture for future loans.


Ask for a perspective and a demo!


LENDINGPOINT - Not all unsecured loan requests can be granted because of internal  underwriting restraints.  Refer your turn-downs to LENDINGPOINT, which then uses their propriatary software to analize those fair-credit members for approval.  If LENDINGPOINT funds the loan, your credit union recieves a percentage of loan funded as non-interest income.


Ask for a perspective and a demo!

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