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Program Highlights

Increasing your membership "WOW Factor" is paramount to future growth.  Being creative while balancing the needs of the credit union takes a real skill.  Below are some programs which GS CU Consulting has accomplished.
Investment Planning
Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning

If your members are net-savers, having the funds sit in a short-term investment portfolio for an extended amount of time is a short distance to merger or liquidation.  GS CU Consulting can help you develop goals, policies, procedures, and objectives with your investment portfolio in order to better serve your members and keep your cu viable.  This is a no-cost to your member's way of improving your bottom line.  Better utilization of the assets under your trust is crucial for survival in this economy!  GS CU Consulting can help you thrive, not just get by!

Short Term Projects

Short-term projects are our specialty.  If you need assistance keeping the wheels turning while a key executive is out or being replaced , GS CU Consulting can help. With over 40 years of credit union experience, GS CU Consulting has the expertise to meet your needs and even improve your processes along the way.  Many times undiscovered issues and situations are revealed during this process.  We will work closely with the Board to determine the best way to address these issues and make the transition an easy one for the in-coming individual.


In this constantly changing enviroment, a strong plan will assist the credit union through: Mission / Vision / Detailed steps.


It has been said without vision organizations die.  In no other time in our industry is this more true than now.  We are losing cu's at the rate of one a day.  This is unacceptable, and it can be prevented.  GS CU Consulting has "been there, done that".  We know the challenges and opportunites faced by smaller cu shops.  If you need a check up from the neck up or a course correction, contack us now for an evaluation and recommendation, or a full planning session.



Loans to move underserved members to full service members

A sucessful program was developed over many years to address the underserved.  The first approach was to have an alternative to payday lenders. We discovered we were helping the members, but they weren't moving forward, towards better loans and lower rates.  We introduced a second step loan with a higher limit, extended terms,  a provision for advances, and had a lower rate.  Finally, some of those members are now utilizing the standard underwiting policy to obtain mainstream loans.  These loans are granted without runnig a credit report, but the loan is reported going forward, so the member is actually building their credit score!  That's the credit union way!


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